The Weekly Daly Roundup #4

Half way through the holidays – where is the summer going. I’m so concious that the weeks are slipping away I am trying to get so much in.

A quick round up of the week


An early morning brekkie treat with Ron at the local Harvesters followed by a lovely walk around Oakwell Hall to work it off. Was a perfect start to the day. Breakfast was amazing, not only in amount and quality, but cost too – at only £4.99 for unlimited continental option and then full English – can’t go wrong and it may turn in to a bit of a regular weekend outing.



Seeing everywhere and buying back to school stuff – very depressing

back to school


Birthday – uneventful which is the way I like them.


Birthday – 42yrs old – I’ve never really been able to come to terms with getting older.  I remember turning 10, and being devastated that I would never be single figures again.  Turning 30 was a nightmare, I was traumatised for days!  40 was more manageable, helped by a weekend away with Ron (we were newly dating at that time), Now I’m just doing my best to ignore them.


Lots of great home activities with the kids.  From tie dying t-shirts , to a sports day & water slide with friends, to paint wars in the garden – its been a blast

tshirt collage

WP_20150806_014 WP_20150806_015

paint collage 2

Didn’t enjoy

Girls being at their dads.  Its a bit of a double edged sword.  Having a break is great.  Having couple only time with Ron is fantastic and not to be taken for granted EVER – but I really really miss them when they’re not here.


Got all the practical jobs done on Saturday afternoon – lawn mowed, survived supermarket shop.  Actually gave Aldi a try this week – everyone saying how much they save gave me a bit of a push.  I wasn’t disappointed, must admit, spent less than I usually would. Washing done (and the makings of Mount Everest aka the ironing pile has started again), – might be mundane but still get a sense of satisfaction when its all done.


Out of the Ordinary

Attended the last of the summer weddings – congratulations to Nicola & Zak – finally tying the knot after 10 years together.  Her dress was stunning, and Nicola’s three kiddies were adorable.



Natalie danced non stop at the evening do – she’s her mothers daughter afterall, she certainly has all my moves and more!

Grateful for

All the wonderful local beauty spots we have around here.  We are so lucky to have so many amazing places on our doorstep where we can enjoy green open spaces, woodland walks, wildflower meadows.  Great to enjoy as a couple and explore as a family.

WP_20150808_008 WP_20150808_005

WP_20150808_014 WP_20150808_009



Linking up with #TWTWC

Linking up with #TWTWC

The dreaded sports day

This week was the girls sports day at school.  I’ve never really liked sports day in all honesty.  In my experience it highlights just the winners and fails to recognize personal achievement, and the participation of everyone regardless of ability.  I don’t like seeing crest fallen faces, disappointment and frustration when a child doesn’t achieve what they hoped.  I don’t like hearing jeers from other children and the competitive nature of some parents astounds me.

So I attended this years with reluctance. I have to say though, that I enjoyed it.  The school seemed to have a different approach this year.  Pupils were in 4 teams and had to work together in races/games to achieve tokens, 4 for 1st place, 3 for 2nd place and so on.  So regardless of if a child came first or last, they still received a token that was then put in to their teams box.  A good way I thought to reward all achievement regardless of placement.


During each event the children regardless of what team they were in were encouraged to cheer for each other, and give rowdy applause for all participants at the end.  I even found myself shouting ‘Go Reds’ (Natalie’s team colour)

At the end of the sports day, the team with the most tokens was the overall winner – but a win that the whole team had contributed towards and were rewarded for.  It was refreshing to witness such a positive sports day for everyone involved, where the focus wasn’t on the winning, but on taking part (a bit cliche I know), team work and recognising everyone’s effort.

My girls loved it – Natalie was beyond excited at achieving 1st place in 2 of the races/games, overall her team came 2nd.  Jessica was very happy to have come 1st in one of her races and quite indifferent that her team came 3rd overall.  In past years I have had to deal with tears, upset and disappointment, this year was smiles and skipping.


I’d like to think it wasn’t just the winning that had made them happy, but the fact the whilst they had competed with others, both had won and lost, it was done in a very positive, self esteem building manner. Hats off to the school AND to my girls for trying so hard.