Weekly Daly Roundup 2018 #1

I thought I’d re-instate (or try to) a weekly roundup of me and my families week.  Its easy to lose sight of the things you’ve achieved, enjoyed, found challenging, would rather forget!

So I’m going with

  • Highs
  • Lows
  • Good
  • Bad
  • Out of the Ordinary
  • The Mundane


Enjoying the sunshine on Bank Holiday Monday – went to Hemsworth Waterpark where we slowly cooked ourselves lazing in the sun, had a picnic, caught up with friends we’d not seen in quite a while.


Being the emotional eater that I am (whether that be happy or sad lol), indulging far too much. Mr Cadbury along with Ben and Jerry are very much my best friends at the moment.



Feeling the benefits of my increased anxiety meds – only way to describe it is feeling more even.  Doesn’t sound much, but believe me, I’m grateful, more than grateful that my range of emotions aren’t quite so extreme from one minute to the next (I think the family are grateful too!)


Insomnia – manageable most of the time, but not all, a few pretty bad bouts this week resulting in reduced ability to remember anything.  This is what I am blaming for losing my keys in the garage not once, not twice, but 3 times this week.  You know, you open the garage (which is actually my store room for all my business stuff).  Put the keys down whilst you go searching through the storage boxes, trollies, shelves etc, and instantly forget where you put them down.  Then due to the fact you’ve moved loads of stuff around, realise they could be anywhere and spend the next 20 minutes getting more and more frantic that they are forever lost in the abyss.  Actually, one of those times, after an extended, long, stressful search in the garage, I actually found them under a tea towel in the kitchen – how they had got from the garage to the kitchen I have no idea!!

Out of the Ordinary

Had to attend an appeal for Jessica’s chosen high school.  Not an everyday occurrence.  To sit in front of a panel of 3 along with the headmaster of the preferred high school and plead your case is pretty stressful to say the least – fingers crossed for a positive outcome – find out Monday.


Sorted my office – its been getting increasingly worse as I piled more and more stuff on my desk over the recent weeks that I just wasn’t ready or able to deal with.  But took a deep breath, gritted my teeth, made lots of different piles all over the desk, floor, in the bedroom. Filed stuff, binned stuff, actioned stuff (well, put in in the action pile.. promised myself I’ll actually action it later!)  I don’t work well in chaos and cluttered environments, tidy space, tidy mind.. so here’s hoping I can get caught up on all the stuff I’ve been avoiding doing over the weekend.

Turning Corners

So I keep thinking I’ve turned a corner.  Today will be better, or maybe tomorrow, and sometimes it is, and sometimes it isn’t, and sometimes is worse.

turn a corner

I hate wallowing, and am not generally a wallower, more of a get up and get on with it sort of person, which is probably why I am finding it so difficult to get to grips with the fact that I simply can’t get on with it.. its just too hard.

I make a plan, of what I’m going to achieve that day, of how I’m going to do it.  Of how I’m going to be positive and turn that corner, then from the moment I try to get out (or rather crawl out!) of bed begins the struggle and carrying out the most mundane normal everyday to day tasks.  I have no motivation, no desire to accomplish anything.  I am literally forcing myself to be social, to see friends, to try and have fun, when really, I want is to close the door, see no-one, speak to no-one.

I wasn’t coping, or at least I didn’t feel I was, I was hearing from many about how amazing I was dealing with everything, but I knew on the inside and on the outside (just when no-one could see) I was crumbling.  So I took the plunge and went to the Doctor.  A short discussion later, lots of tears and tissues and I came away with a prescription to increase my anxiety meds, a number for bereavement counselling and a hope that with the increase in my meds I would start to feel some sort of level of control again.

And I do, 10 days in to the new dosage and I am more in control – most days.  Thats not to say I’m all ok, I’m far from it, but I am functioning more evenly on a day to day basis.  I am not so constantly overwhelmed by my sadness that I can’t function.  I still cry (usually in the car as its the only time I’m on my own and don’t have to subject anyone else to my breakdowns).  Note to self.. really must remember to check makeup after car journeys – arrived a number of places to catch myself in the mirror with panda eyes and streaky cheeks!

Corners I’ve turned this week:

Today, I actually managed to get myself to call the bereavement counselling service, so now waiting for an appointment ( probably about a month or so)

Yesterday I managed to get to the gym (today, I did not, but I did manage to eat half a tub of Ben and Jerry’s – perhaps I turned more of a bend than a corner today??)

Last night when to a local amateur production of Little Shop of Horrors – great show and only cried when I was in the car home – more because my first impulse was to tell mum about it and I couldn’t

Today – sorted my office – over the past month or so I’ve just piled things higher and higher on my desk, just not having the wherewith all  to deal with anything.

These might all seem insignificant, minor achievements, but for me at the moment, they all feel pretty major.

Every day a new corner to turn, hoping they will lead to a more even, straight path forward to my new kind of normal.


Good Grief!

Its funny that I am writing this today, as compared to a lot of days, today hasn’t been so bad. I’ve only cried 2 or 3 times, I’ve only eaten one donut and half a bar of Dairy Milk (I totally admit to being a comfort eater – I generally feel that most of lifes problems can be solved with the right amount of chocolate)

But,  despite me trying to find some positives, there is nothing good about grief.  I am finding grief to be the worst emotion I have ever experienced.  It is dark, it knows no depths, it is all consuming, it is totally selfish.  It is not limited to emotional pain, but physical pain too.  There seems to be no end.  Just when you have a day when you think its easing, the following day you are back where you were, in total despair with the inability to have any clarity of thought, functioning on any level feels like wading through treacle.  Your greatest wish is to pull the duvet over your head and never venture out.

Sadly, that is not an option, children have to be cared for, shopping has to be done, house has to be cleaned, washing does not do itself.

And then there is work.  I have a great job, one that in the main I love and wouldn’t change.  But its a job where you don’t have an option of not going, you can’t ring in sick, and when you are there, you have to smile, be totally upbeat – I call it my Disney face.  Behind the Disney face you are crumbling, fighting to keep the smile fixed.

I am fed up of grieving,

I am fed up of crying, uncontrollably crying at any given moment.. whether that has been stood by the bitter lemon in the supermarket, queuing at the traffic lights, ordering a hot chocolate at Costa (I am sure that people think I am going mad, I have had some very strange looks – funny though, no-one has ever asked if I am ok?? usually just give me a wide berth)

I am fed up of having a nose full of snot.

I’m fed up of pretending that I am ok

I’m fed up of being so sad, so deeply deeply sad that I feel like I am suffocating, that the very life is being pressed out of my chest.

Sad.. that word.. its the only word I can use that expresses how I feel, but it seems so inadequate.   It doesn’t seem powerful, enough.  People can be sad for lots of reasons, but this sadness is different.  I keep looking for the joy, somewhere, the places I usually find it – in my children, in my home, with my friends .. its just not there, not for me, not at the moment.  The thing is, I’m not sad for my mum, thanks to my faith, I know she will be happy as larry where she is, I’m ok with that.  I’m sad for me, thats what I mean by grief being selfish.  Its all about me, about how I feel, about how I can’t cope, how I don’t know how I’m going to cope going forward.  I’m sad that my life has changed for ever and I didn’t want it to.

I asked someone after the funeral, what happens now, what am I supposed to do and feel now.  Are things just to return to normal, life continue as though nothing has happened.  Am I meant to smile and laugh.  His response… “well yes.. the worst is over”.. he couldn’t have been more wrong. The worst for me feels like it is just beginning.  The first few weeks after mums death are a fog.  I was literally incapable of keeping a thought in my head, of organising any sort of coherant conversation, activity… anything really.  I know now that was my body and minds way of coping.  To just shut down, as I was not physically or emotionally able to process or deal with what had happened.

One of the worst things I am experiencing though is fear.  Fear of lots of things.  I can’t imagine how I am going to make it through life without the person that gave me safety.  I simply don’t know how I am going to make it.  It seems ridiculous to feel like this, afterall,  I am 44, married, with children, with my own business, but I am scared that I can’t do this whole grown up thing on my own.  My mum, regardless of anything going on between us was always there, would always be there, would rescue me, would pick up the pieces, would make up where I fell short.  What happens now? I feel so exposed, so inadequate and isolated.

I have developed an intense fear of losing someone else, mainly my dad.. the only other person in my life that has always made me feel safe.  Rationally I know that  parents aren’t going to live forever, but honestly  I don’t think I could do or go through this again.  I am scared that I don’t speak to him enough, that I don’t see him enough, that he doesn’t know how important and essential in my life he is and that under no circumstances is he to die .. EVER!

I fear of something happening to me, I couldn’t bear for my children to have to deal and cope with these feelings of grief, loss and pain.  Of them feeling the fear, abandonment, loneliness and despair.

Grief – Sadness and Fear, the most destructive of emotions on every level

I know this is a process,  I know there are various stages that you go through – I’ll be honest, I’d be quite happy to go right back to the denial stage, I was comfortable there, I had no idea what was going on, I couldn’t think straight.. well actually, I couldn’t think at all!  This current stage (which I’m not really sure what you would call) totally sucks.

I know that everyone’s experience of grief is unique to them, that it takes time, that over that time you get used to a new kind of normal. I’ve been told this by many now, and I accept it, but its so hard to envisage a point that I will be ok,  at the moment, it means nothing, it is of no comfort.

You know, my biggest comfort has been Jessica.  She is 11, she is amazing.  She has seen me at my most upset.  She asks no questions.  She doesn’t ask whats wrong, she doesn’t try to offer words of comfort, she just hugs me, she holds my hand, she just says its ok to be sad mum, sit with me and we’ll be sad together.  And she stays with me till the latest wave passes, no matter how long that takes.  Then she makes a joke about my red nose, passes me another packet of tissues and we carry on with life.

2017-10-14 16.09.56-2.jpg

And I suppose, thats the point at the moment, to just carry on with life, to just keep going.



Back to Blogging

Its been a while, probably about 3 years in fact.  But with recent events and changes in my life, I’ve decided to return to the occasional blogging.

As a teenager I used to keep a journal, a daily record of all I did, thought, woeful teenage angst etc etc – I kept them for around 7 years – and wow, to read back on them now is totally cringe worthy for the most, but a good reminder of how I felt and the events that helped shaped the person I am today.

This was what I had in mind when I started a blog some 3 years ago, it was to just be a personal account of our daily (Daly lol) lives.  Just a way of keeping for posterity stories about our lives together, and sharing our experiences with anyone that cared to have a read. But suddenly (or rather over a few months), I found I became more concerned with what I thought people might want to read, how I would be perceived and were the photo’s good enough!  Everything we did, everywhere we went became a photo and story opportunity for the blog.

So I stopped.. I was doing things to blog about, rather than just because it was part of what we were doing for a family.  This was not what I wanted my blog to be, so I stepped away from it.

Life over the past 2 1/2 years has changed so much.  We moved from the big smoke, a large Yorkshire City, to a small Lancashire town.

Ron and I are still adjusting to sharing a life together

My girls are growing up quickly.. too quickly

My mum recently passed away .. she had moved and was living with us, so currently, adjusting and accepting life without her here is the biggest, hardest life changing event I’ve ever had to deal with.  It is all consuming, and I’m not really sure if I am dealing with it yet.

So.. here I am, back to the blog, but with a fresh approach, to keep a record of my family as we move through time.  Something for me, for us as a family, and a read for anyone else that might want a little peak in to our lives from time to time.


{Ordinary Moments} #8 The things kids say

The one liners – love em.  Kids just can’t help themselves.  They are honest, to the point, no holds barred. Don’t get me wrong, mine are at ages where they understand manners, being kind with words (and deeds), showing respect etc.  But here and there they just say whats on their mind, things that just simply appear obvious to them.

For example

Natalie – ‘Grandad.. people are all different shapes aren’t they’

Grandad – ‘ Yes Natalie they are’

Natalie – ‘That would make you a circle then’

This has got to be one of my all time favourites – as it is true, Grandad is rather round

Another – seems that Grandad has been in the firing line recently!

Jessica – ‘Grandad, why do you walk so slowly and get tired?’

Grandad – ‘Well, I’m old and fat’

Jessica – ‘Grandad, you’re not fat!’

Grandad – ‘Thank you Jessica’

Jessica – ‘You know that I said that just to be kind don’t you’

Ha ha.. teaching them that honesty is always the best policy doesn’t always pay off!

Whilst I love listening in to the girls conversations together, I often cringe as I hear them repeat things they have heard me say, in a tone that I must use.  I certainly helps make me more mindful of how I speak, the words I use and the response I’m trying to achieve.

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{Ordinary Moments} #7 Family Time

Family time – for most families is something that occurs pretty much everyday at some point, whether that be sitting down for a meal together, watching some TV, bath and bedtime stories etc

Not so in our blended household.  For until the time that Ron and I live together, the Ordinary Moments of family time that most people enjoy, are probably more extra ordinary moments for us.

So because of this, the few hours snatched here and there each week that we have together as a family are precious, and to be made the most of.

Generally, every other weekend the girls go off to there dads – as much as I miss them, its also has its upside that Ron and I get to have couple time on a regular basis.  This weekend the girls were meant to be at there dads, so we were looking forward to having some time together, not planning much, playing things by ear.  However, for one reason and another, at the last minute, plans changed and the girls ended up being with us.  Our ‘no plans, lazy weekend’ suddenly became a distant memory, so we got stuck in to ‘family time’

I love family time – we don’t have to be doing anything major, costly or exciting, just being together for longer that a hour at a time is a luxury to be enjoyed.  I love watching Ron with the girls, and the girls love being with him – I think because of his childishness childlike ability to have fun on their level.  He will happily play games with them, climb, swing, hide and scooter




ron scooter

Favourite family time activities are usually the simple ones –  a walk in the woods, wandering round local beauty spots, a trip to the park, rock scrambling etc


rock scrambling

As ordinary as these moments are, its the things that I hope our children look back on and treasure.  A price can not be placed on the time and attention we give to kids – it has meaning to them beyond value (especially if icecream at some point is involved!)

icecreams WP_20150823_033

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Bad Mummy / Good Mummy – Grumpy Mum Syndrome

I often try to live under the guise that I am always a positive, upbeat, everything has a silver lining sort of person.

Reality check – I am of course totally and utterly NOT, certainly not all the time.  Especially recently, on more days than I would like to admit, I’ve been GRUMPY.  I have most definitely been showing all the ailments of Grumpy Mum Syndrome.  I find symptoms manifests  in a number ways, it usually has more than one cause (a bit of a build up) and I can advise on tried and tested ways to cure it.

raving mum quote

Grumpy Mum Syndrome

The Signs

please be aware that severity of signs and symptoms can increase dramatically and without warning

  • Tutting and sighing
  • Gradual increase of shrillness of tone
  • Gradual increase in volume of voice
  • Underbreath muttering – this can often escalate quickly to outright screaming
  • Banging of cupboard doors, room doors, car doors – any door really that will give a really good loud BANG
  • Gesticulation of hands in every direction
  • Use of stick rather than carrot to get desired results (manifesting as  ‘grounding if you don’t, .. rather than ‘ice-cream when you do’..)

The Causes

What makes mum grumpy – where do i start!

  • Repeat, repeat, repeat – if I’ve  asked once, I’ve asked 100 times – SERIOUSLY!
  • Continual making of mess – especially immediately after cleaning
  • Inability to follow any sort of instruction or request without questioning it
  • All in the household appear to have lost their hearing
  • Bickering, whingeing, whining, moaning

silence is golden

The Cure 

Try them, they work!

  • Employment of a full time nanny, cleaner, cook, taxi driver, homework tutor, fashion advisor
  • Failing that – just a bit of consideration, help, love and cuddles – would be a start

The thing is, I don’t want to be grumpy, I want to be the eternal optimist, seeing blue skies and sunshine beyond the grey clouds, I want to be happy, and cheerful and emanate positivity – but who am I kidding! Unless I manage to suddenly transform my family in to the Waltons thats just never going to happen.

Ok, deep breath, centring ones chakra (REALLY!), I can do this parenting thing I’m sure. Tomorrow is of course another day (thankfully), I get to wipe the slate clean, try again – banish  bad mummy and let good mummy reign supreme once again.

stay p

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Best of Worst

The Weekly Daly Roundup #5

Our week that was… been a tough week in all honesty, tiredness really taking its toll, anxiety levels a little elevated, general grumpy demeanour this week..


Fun day out at York Maze with the kids

Its been about 4 years since we last went, and wow, there have been some great additions the the venue. This truly is a place to visit if you can and I feel excellent value for money.  Went with friends and their kids, weather was good, loads to do, list is a long one, so thought the pictures may give a better view of everything on offer.

A few of the mazes to explore

maze 2

Adventure playground

adventure park collage

Amazing sandpit and waterplay

sandpit collage

Bouncy Pillow

pillow Collage

Pig racing, crazy maze golf, snake slides & water wars

Other activities 1 collageMotor boat driving, graffiti wall, Crowmania ride, House of Confusion

other activities 2 collage

The gang! Icecreams! Medals won! – what fab day

Favourites collage


Spending a night at A&E.  Natalie went over on her ankle at York Maze – being a bit enthusiastic on the bouncy pillow.  We had a few tears at the time, but a quick inspection of the foot, wiggling of toes and rotating of the ankle, I thought she’d survive.  She solidered on for the rest of the afternoon with a bit of a limp but without complaint (my kids are used to not complaining.. I’m not the most patient when it comes to potential injuries, unless its dropping off, then stick a plaster on it and get on with it).  That evening, getting them ready for bed, socks pulled off – minutes later her ankle had ballooned! .. despite the lateness in the evening, figured it should be checked out and bundled kids to the car and took them to the local minor injuries unit. Arrived there at 9.02pm (by their clock on the wall), to be turned away as their X-ray dept shut at 9.00pm.  (Disgruntled would be an understatement!) So made the journey to a main Hospital A&E – 5hrs, one X-ray, and 2 very tired and fed up children later we were told it was a sprain, treat with a bag of frozen peas and keep it moving.  Arrived home at 3am!



Made it through Soap & Suds week at Mini Mess without any accidents, injuries or mishaps.  This is the week that I fear the most.  Regardless of the risk assessments I complete on the activity, despite the health and safety precautions and warnings I make, its always a worry that given the nature of soap (slippy, slidey), that something might happen… but phew..it didn’t.



No let up with the insomnia – it really is starting to grind me down.


A bit of a get together with friends and an impromptu pamper time with them and the kids.  Footspas, mini pedicure, painting of nails along with a natter and catch up.

Pamper collage

Didn’t Enjoy

My grumpiness this week.  Its been a tough week.. maybe as we are in to week 4 of the holidays and having to constantly juggle work and home, keep the kids entertained, keep some sort of eye on the budget, all whilst having very little sleep is taking its tole.  More than usual I’ve found my current living arrangements with hubby a strain.  Trying hard not resent being in a marriage, but for all intents and purposes still a single parent very hard.  The whole trip to A&E on my own with two kids a prime example.  Normal married couples would’ve had a partner there to help – hmm.. but not me.  I know it will all come ok eventually, its just this week ‘eventually’ seems an awful long way away.

The mundane

Ramping up the marketing activity for resuming classes in September.  I reduce my work load considerably over the summer to allow myself more time with the kids whilst they are off school.  But being more than half way through the holidays now, thinking has had to return to business.  This has meant starting to put together, plan and start some activity to promote classes in September.

The out of the ordinary

A random act of romance from Hubby.  We eat out fairly often.. we are a couple that like our food! But generally its just a quick decision, lets go out to eat tonight.  However, this week, with us taking on the competition challenge of seeing how many random acts of romance we can do for each other for the remainder of the month, Ron took it upon himself to make an advance reservation, not only that but at my fav restaurant ( and one that is not particularly his I might add).  He didn’t tell me where we were going, drove a totally different way to keep me guessing, and I have to say, was a total surprise when we rocked up outside.  What was the most touching, was not only had he gone to the trouble to book a table, keep it a secret, but had taken me out to a place I love, for my absolute favourite food, despite the fact that in all honesty, its the type of food he can take or leave.  To top if off, on the way home he made a detour past Passion Gelato to pick up deserts we could eat later at home ( alot later I might add.. we were stuffed).  BIG score for him on the romance front.

a food

Grateful for

The NHS.  For as disgruntled as I was at being turned away from Minor Injuries, and for as much as I had totally lost the will to live after 5hrs at A&E – at least I was able to get my daughter seen, treated and cared for – more than many many families and children get.. and for this, I am very very grateful.

Here’s to next week.. bring it on!

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{Ordinary Moments} #6 Cash for Kids

Trying to instill good strong values in my kids is sometimes a bit of an uphill struggle.  The saying of please and thank you we have managed, sharing is often still a work in progress, learning that you have to work for things, to earn them.. well.. that one is most definitely still in its early stages.

Back in the old days (heavens, I sound like my mum), you got new stuff at birthdays and Christmas, you didn’t get loads of ‘stuff’ inbetween, and if there was something you wanted, it went on your Christmas list, or you saved good and hard all your pocket money to get it yourself.

Things are very different nowadays – everything is instantaneous – or so it feels.  Its usual and ordinary for kids to get what they want, when they want it.  I know myself when it comes to trying to put a Christmas list together with them its almost impossible as they’ve already got/had everything as the year has gone on.

I really want my girls to understand the value of said ‘stuff’, to know that in order to have ‘stuff’ it has to be paid for, and the money used to pay for it has to be earned. Currently they don’t get a regular pocket money amount each week, but they do have chores they have to do everyday (see prev blog post Sharing the Workload).

So this week saw the introduction of pocket money – £2.50 per week each (wasn’t sure of amount to give – not sure if I’m being a bit tight) but for this they have to do jobs.  They have now a money box each, and each Sunday, if all jobs have been completed, they will be given their £2.50 to put in their box, and the responsibility will be with them how it is spent.

One of the jobs they had to do this week – wash the car.  We actually turned it into a really fun activity, big sponges, soapy water and the pressure washer!

They loved soaping up the car, loved even more using the pressure washer – so much that the car got re-soaped at least 4 or 5 times,


WP_20150811_005 WP_20150811_004

and it got the attention of some of the neighbourhood kids who came to join in too – the car – its the cleanest its ever been I can tell you.


They were proud of their achievement, want to do it again soon (RESULT!), and to boot they feel like they’ve earnt their pocket money.

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In the Sisterhood

So I received a nomination from Becky vs The World for  the Sisterhood of World Bloggers (thank you, really brought a smile to my face). Bit of a surprise as it means that someone actually reads my blog, and likes it enough to want to know more about me maybe (now sat with warm fuzzy feeling ha ha)

I’ve seen a few similar sort of blogs doing the rounds, and really enjoy reading them.  There’s something about reading random facts, no matter how insignificant about people – gives you a bit of an insight in to who they are.  So I thought – deff one to take part in.

So the rules for the award are simple :

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you, linking back to their site.

2. Put the Award logo on your blog.

3. Answer the ten questions sent to you.

4. Make up ten new questions for your nominees to answer.

5. Nominate five blogs.

My questions from Becky are:

1 . What is your dream job?

May sound pretty boring, but would love to be a Stay at Home Mum. Of course, I would also like it to be better paid, better hours, more help.  But in todays society, it is such a rareity to be able to have the choice to stay at home – nowadays its expected for you to return to work, almost frowned upon or  you are seen as a bit weird if you don’t.
2. Who is your favourite singer/ band?

Depends on my mood, it can range from Nickleback, to Fleetwood Mac,  Pink Floyd to Norah Jones. Love nothing more than dancing around the room to Maroon 5 or singing my heart out to Meatloaf.
3. What’s your perfect night out?

Anywhere with a dancefloor, music and great company – so that would be hubby or my bezzie mate.  Also a good range of Mocktails to choose from would be favourable and a curry before midnight to top it off.
4. What’s your perfect night in?

Hubby, kids in bed, domino’s pizza, tub of Hagan Daaz Prauline & Cream icecream and 2 spoons (both for me, one in each hand lol.. ok.. I’d share if forced to!)
5. What’s the last thing you bought online?

A bikini for my 6yr old from ebay – its August and can I find any swimwear left in the shops ready for our holidays – can I heck!
6. Who is your favourite blogger?

Hard one, as I read a few.  But I suppose my loyalty is with Mary @ The Hearty Life – she’s a pal and introduced me to the world of blogging.  Her blogs are honest, real with great photos.  I also think when  you know someone personally, its great to keep up to date with whatever they’ve been up to, thinking about and feeling
7. Why did you start blogging?

I wanted to keep a journal of my family life.  I kept a written journal from being 14 to 22 and I love to read back over it (often with hot pink cheeks from the embarrasment of what I wrote back then!)  Blogging seemed a modern way to do it.
8. Who is the last person you spoke to on the phone?

My husband – he tends to text, which is fine for a quick message, but I’d much rather have a real life conversation.
9. What inspires you?

My children – always a source of inspiration (as well as frustration!) Their capacity for love, forgiveness, their desire to learn and create astounds me everyday. As much as they drive me completely and totally insane, I often wish I could be more like them.
10. What is your favourite animal and why?

Fat cats.  We had a cat called Pudding who sadly at 17yrs old went to the cat basket in the sky last year.  In his hay day he was the biggest, fattest, furriest thing you’d ever seen, his purr was like a coo of a pidgeon, he gave the greatest cuddles and was lazy beyond belief.

My questions

  1. If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?
  2. Shoes – flats or heels?
  3. What is your favourite city?
  4. What pizza topping would you choose?
  5. If you could be a person from history to be, who would it be?
  6. Whats your earliest memory?
  7. How long have you been blogging?
  8. What cocktail/mocktail would you order?
  9. What was the last thing you took a risk on?
  10. Your dream holiday destination, where would you go and with whom?

Your turn now – get your thinking cap on

I nominate

Reimer and ruby

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