Welcome to Our Daly Life – a blog about a ‘blended’ family known as the Daly’s  that will hopefully have input from all of us at some point or another.  All of us being:

Me, Charlotte – Mum, Business Owner, Wife and general stress head,

Ron – Stepdad, Business Owner, Husband and one whom never gets stressed

Jessica, daughter no 1

Natalie, daughter no 2

We are a slightly unconventional family.  I was previously married for 14yrs and had two lovely children.  In 2011 I became a singleton again, and quite happily plodded along through life with my two lovely children.

I met Ron – thanks to a bit of online dating, and we married a year after we met in February 2014.  However, here is where we got a little unconventional, for the first 2 years of marriage we didn’t actually live together, in fact, not even in the same county never mind town or house! This is more for practical purposes as we both ran our own businesses, but they were 30 miles away from each other.

We finally ditched the separate living arrangements in 2016 and started a new journey through life together.

I don’t pretend to be the best writer, witty, or particularly original, but I am honest (brutally sometimes!), expect my own personal musings and comments about:

  • a Step Dad, learning the ropes
  • my eldest whose world revolves around something different every day depending on how the mood takes her
  • my youngest who is cheeky, delightful and has some of the greatest one liners.

As well as blogging about our Daly lives, the highs/lows, successes/challenges of being a blended family, also expect posts on our days out, my children are not ones for staying in plonked in front of a computer game – they love the outdoors and adventures, going different places especially with friends and family.  Their favourite phrase ‘what are we doing today mummy?’

Oh, and Food!  Food features quite a lot in our lives too (especially mine).  Me, well I’ll eat pretty much anything, willing to give anything a try, however with two children and a gluten sensitive vegetarian for a husband, pleasing everyone is not always that easy!


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