{Ordinary Moments} #6 Cash for Kids

Trying to instill good strong values in my kids is sometimes a bit of an uphill struggle.  The saying of please and thank you we have managed, sharing is often still a work in progress, learning that you have to work for things, to earn them.. well.. that one is most definitely still in its early stages.

Back in the old days (heavens, I sound like my mum), you got new stuff at birthdays and Christmas, you didn’t get loads of ‘stuff’ inbetween, and if there was something you wanted, it went on your Christmas list, or you saved good and hard all your pocket money to get it yourself.

Things are very different nowadays – everything is instantaneous – or so it feels.  Its usual and ordinary for kids to get what they want, when they want it.  I know myself when it comes to trying to put a Christmas list together with them its almost impossible as they’ve already got/had everything as the year has gone on.

I really want my girls to understand the value of said ‘stuff’, to know that in order to have ‘stuff’ it has to be paid for, and the money used to pay for it has to be earned. Currently they don’t get a regular pocket money amount each week, but they do have chores they have to do everyday (see prev blog post Sharing the Workload).

So this week saw the introduction of pocket money – £2.50 per week each (wasn’t sure of amount to give – not sure if I’m being a bit tight) but for this they have to do jobs.  They have now a money box each, and each Sunday, if all jobs have been completed, they will be given their £2.50 to put in their box, and the responsibility will be with them how it is spent.

One of the jobs they had to do this week – wash the car.  We actually turned it into a really fun activity, big sponges, soapy water and the pressure washer!

They loved soaping up the car, loved even more using the pressure washer – so much that the car got re-soaped at least 4 or 5 times,


WP_20150811_005 WP_20150811_004

and it got the attention of some of the neighbourhood kids who came to join in too – the car – its the cleanest its ever been I can tell you.


They were proud of their achievement, want to do it again soon (RESULT!), and to boot they feel like they’ve earnt their pocket money.

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One thought on “{Ordinary Moments} #6 Cash for Kids

  1. Ah I think this is a really good idea and a really important way of teaching them the value of money and the importance of working for what you have got. Plus it looks like washing the car to be fair was lots of fun! xx


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